MacDavid Communication

Stylish communication counselling

Broad, wide and deep IT and technology knowledge and experience

More than 20 years in IT and telecom. The professional career has mainly been in the IT and telecom industry, and consists of both leadership roles, technical roles, and mercantile roles. After a number of years in the IT industry, I joined Telenor in 2009 as a consultant for contract management for lease contracts.

In Telenor, for the most part, I have been linked to responsibilities and tasks related to Telenor's contractors and partners, where IT and processes are central. I have great passion for business, improvement and development, and the purpose of the present role is to get the best possible cooperation with our partners and suppliers, as well as efficient and qualitative interworking across the interface, with IT as a foundation. Increased digitalization and automation have been central to my work. I have broad experience in working with system vendors, system developers and system integrators, both national and global.

I have a natural mindset to think strategically and tactically, and have long experience with the importance of this to channel energy and thinking in the right direction for all involved, as well as to bring about the desired change and improvement. I also have operational focus and experience, and I believe I have the ability to find the balance between the operative and the strategic.

I can well understand the company's business models and drivers, processes and products, as well as contracts and contractual mechanisms. In view of this, my focus and effort will go in the same direction as the company's strategic goals. With my profile, roles between claimants and system vendors / developers can also be filled. I typically work in teams with business developers and technologists, and can act as a link between business and developers, as well as a link between a vendor and clients.

I am good at seeing the whole picture and to concretize the particular issues and solutions. I can facilitate and conduct workshops and work creatively with clients.

I'm outgoing and confident and like to stand on to achieve goals and create results. As a person, I am responsible, structured, targeted and organized, and am well-being in both independent and responsible role. I want to see the development of employees and teams, and that the teams as such perform and achieve goals. I have experience with remote personnel management of employees in many different locations, and have no problems traveling when required. I do enjoy responsibilities and challenges.

I consider myself to have a good foundation both technically and commercially, and with a good business understanding.

My background has given me valuable insight into customer care, supplier contact, negotiation, planning, and sales and marketing activities.

I have a service minded setting, with a nice tone and progress and a clear dissemination. I build trust and build long-term and good relationships.

I am motivated by being able to influence, improve and create results in my area. I have great dedication, strong inner motivation, is flexible and adaptable, with good drive, and have a desire to get into an environment where I can move on.